My name is Steven Gong. I'm a full-time learner who loves to 
think. build. deploy.
reimagine technology and humanity.
explore the unknown.
think. build. deploy.

Recent Projects

Industrial Design Sketching

I learned to make professional industrial design sketches during the pandemic so I could make better YouTube videos. Feel free to see my progress here!

Movie Recommendation System

A content-based + collaborative filtering recommendation system built for my school's Honors project, integrated with a nice frontend using Flask to let users interact with it!


HackItForward is an online open-source platform built in Django that offers up-and-coming developers a platform to work on real-world projects through challenges presented by organizations.

My Experience

I have led numerous projects in various organizations. You can learn more about me by clicking the button below!
In-depth about me
2014 - present

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Rised to attain the highest achievable rank as a cadet within the Royal Canadian Air Cadets program, leading 150+ cadets in the squadron.
Warrant officer first class + PILOT
2019 - 2020

Aquantix AI 

Interned as a software developer for Aquantix AI, a platform which quantifies and forecasts the effects of climate change on one's portfolio.
2019 - Present


Founded Kurius, a non-profit youth organization that was created to provide the tools necessary for the youth to change the world with technology. I organize weekly meetings, plan the expansion of this organization and build its digital platform.
FOUNder & President